What to do with Iran

What to do with Iran

Compiled by Efrain Frias via Google Earth

Radioactive signs indicate countries with nuclear capacity; lines show Iran’s potential missile range; red equals Iranian allies; blue equals U.S. allies.

America has the biggest military in the world that includes: 1,477,896 members in current military service, 1,458,500 members in military reserves, 11 aircraft carriers, 59 destroyers, 30 frigates, 75 submarines, 18,234 aircrafts and 19,000 nuclear warheads. While Iran only has 545,000 members in current military service, 656,000 members in military reserves, 0 aircraft carriers, 3 destroyers, 5 frigates, 19 submarines, 1,030 aircrafts and it is currently unknown if Iran has a nuclear stockpile or is in the current process of constructing a nuclear weapon. America is the strongest military in the world; we have accomplished things that no other military in the history of man has. We influence every decision countries make, we have also fought in fifty-eight wars and military interventions since 1990 and that does not even include the countless special operation attacks within countries, we have defeated tyranny around the world, we are an unstoppable force of nature.

With all this firepower, which country wouldn’t tremble under our presence? That is why we should give Iran the ability to surrender before millions of lives are lost. Something else our military must consider before attacking Iran would be, are we prepared to face a global war if we attack Iran? If we attack Iran, two sides would most likely be created. The American allies would be the following: Israel, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Turkey, Japan, India, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, and Denmark . The Iranian allies would include: China, Russia, Colombia, Venezuela, Yemen, Egypt, Cuba, Hezbollah, Hamas, North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, and Extremist around the world. This would start a war with unfathomable outcomes and would be disastrous. The most logical choice would be to continue sanctions and talks or wait until Iran attacks first so that its allies would be in no situation to join the war and it would be another dominating victory for America. There are three reasons for us not to be the aggressor. First, Iran is a reasonable country; Second, our country is weary from years of war; and also, we have the military might to scare Iran into handing over all of their nukes or scientific research. Although other people also believe we should attack Iran, because it is a threat to our national security, nukes threaten the survival of Israel and terrorist with nukes is never a good idea. However, some other people believe we should not go to war because Iran has a trained military, they can fight back and they could easily kill American civilians in the millions through terrorist attacks within our country.

Our government agrees with me that Diplomatic sanctions on Iran are proving effective and are causing the value of the Iranian currency to plummet, for example one U.S. dollar buys 12,000 Iranian Rials compared to 8,000 Rials just a year ago. Iran is currently counting on its allies, China and Russia, to give them food and supplies, but it won’t be able to do so for much longer because we are starting to tighten our sanctions to make it virtually impossible for Iran’s allies to give it supplies and food without causing a war with the E.U. and allies. These advancements have also begun at a very pivotal point for Iran because it is election season in Iran and these sanctions, which is making civilian life unbearable, are swaying the voting in the favor of Ahmadinejad’s rival. If Ahmadinejad fixes the voting again it may lead to a civil war, because their last protest left hundreds dead. If we wait for the Iranian government to crumble, then we could avert war and save millions of lives. If we, or our ally Israel, can no longer wait for the fall of the government then we have another option that could greatly weaken Iran. It would be to go to war against Iran’s closest ally, Syria, and Iran would be able to do nothing about it because we have every right under the geneva convention to intervene the massacre occurring there. Also Russia and China, Iran’s other allies, agree with the intervention of Syria because of its killing of ,more than, 9,000 civilians. This would save a lot of lives and would leave Iran without its closest ally. With these two options we could take out the Iranian threat without an all out war with Iran that could leave us penetrable to various attacks within America which would lead to the deaths of thousands maybe even millions of citizens. This is the best option that would leave the world safer with the least casualties.

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Others believe that the creation of an Iranian missile will become a threat to our national security. Those people are obviously very aggressive in their mindset and have not fully comprehended the situation and the consequences of the actions. Although they may understand that we have bases in Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kuwait which all border Iran which means that we could launch a full scale military attack from air, land and sea within 12 hours of any suspicious Iranian military movement. Those people however do not fully grasp the reality that Iran has the ability to fight back and actually launch an offensive. If Iran were to attack u s by surprise, which I highly doubt will ever happen, they would be all the way to Baghdad before we would be able to even slow them down. We would undoubtedly win a war against Iran alone, but Iran is not alone. Iran has its allies that would take over all of Asia before our allies would be able to help us stop them. This is why our government has been computer generating all the possible outcomes of a war all last week. They were weighing the risks of an all out war, and apparently, found them good enough for us to put the decision on Israel. A war on this magnitude would be called WW3 and would lead to the death of millions if not billions of people. A war like this must be avoided at all costs.

However, some other people believe we should not go to war because Iran has a trained military, they can fight back and they could easily kill American civilians in the millions through terrorist attacks within our country. These people have good reason to fear Iran and its allies, but America and its allies must not back off and must assert that they would not hesitate if Iran tried anything “funny”. America must display a role of a leader , as it is, and should show to Iran that any attempt for nuclear development will lead to detrimental effects on Iran.

It is clearly obvious that diplomatic sanctions are the best way to handle this “situation” and to cause Iran to back down. If we keep up with the diplomatic and economic sanctions then we will have a peaceful world, hopefully, by the end of 2013.