Are High Schoolers Too Old for Halloween?

Weronika Trzaska, Editor In Chief

The season of fall has finally hit us. We say our final goodbye to the heat and greet the transition into the chilly weather of the fall time. The fall approaches us with not only the colder weather, but with pumpkin patches, apple-picking, hayrides, and bonfires.
It’s also that spooky time of the year again. Frightening haunted houses, scary movies, haunted mazes, and the famous Fright Fest at Six Flags are in season. As Halloween approaches us today, the annual question has come up again: “Are high schoolers too old to celebrate Halloween?”
The holiday features the fun of dressing up in a costume and trick-or-treating. Although the main focus for trick-or-treating is on little children receiving candy, high school students decide to also participate at times. Many high schoolers end up dressing up as a whole group of friends, or as a couple. Popular costumes for this year include: dressing up as characters from hit tv shows, food, musicians, etc.
Throughout the school day on Halloween, many teachers even participate in the worldwide holiday- creating Halloween themed class parties as a way to relax from schoolwork. Many of the teachers even decide to dress up!
High schoolers usually stop at that point, with just dressing up, but some go the extra mile and actually go out at night to enjoy and join the young trick-or-treaters. I see trick-or-treating as a way to bring back childhood memories: the excitement when you run from the grasp of your parents hand to run up to a doorstep with a full smile, asking for some candy. It’s a little goofy to do it when you’re a teenager, but that’s what makes it fun! I am definitely one that participates in the fun every year, with a group of friends; however, most high school seniors are stressing about Early Application College Deadlines on November 1st. After all, we all need a fun break every once in awhile, so go get some free candy while you’re at it!

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