Pete Skylako Photos


Dominick Sarno

Pete Skylako doing what he loves, taking pictures at a Leyden football game.

If there is a sporting event, Pete Skylakos is there with his camera!

Skylakos is a Leyden parent who has spent the last year going up and down sidelines, running around courses, and sitting in stands taking pictures of Leyden students.

Skylakos comes to most of Leyden’s sporting and even some extra-curricular activities to take pictures just for fun.

He first started taking pictures his sophomore year of high school and mentioned how he “used to take pictures of family and friends,” but never any sports events.

He went on to add that he “likes to understand everything about photo taking and be creative with it.”

His kids, who attend Leyden, don’t seem to mind their dad taking pictures of the other athletes.

Skylakos started to publish his pictures of Leyden’s football games on Facebook last year and Leyden students quickly began following Skylakos.

This is his first full year of taking pictures of Leyden events. Taking pictures became his passion when Leyden gave him permission to be on the sidelines for football.

Before taking pictures, Skylakos used to be into videography. He did not like it because it was very confusing and it was hard to publish online.

Photography allows him be creative in his own way, with different effects and angles of picture taking.

He said, “The reward I get from taking pictures is watching the kids like my Facebook pictures and setting them as their profile pictures on Facebook.”

With Skylakos’s passion for photography growing stronger he said he, “will be doing this until his equipment breaks.”