New Superintendent Dr. Polyak Visits East Leyden

Adrian Chavez

Dr. Nick Polyak greets East faculty and staff during November 29's reception in the Little Theater.

The new District 212 superintendent Dr. Nick Polyak met many teachers and staff during a casual meet and greet after school in the Little Theater on November 29. The meet and greet gave teachers and staff an opportunity to introduce themselves to Dr. Polyak and his wife.

Dr. Polyak replaces Dr. Kathryn Robbins on July 1, 2013 as she retires after 15 years as superintendent of District 212.

Polyak describes the superintendent as being the leader of the school district, and “the person who works back and forth between the teachers and the administrators.”

With 10 years of working in Lincoln-Way High School District 10 and approaching four years as superintendent of Illinois Valley Central High School near Peoria, Dr. Polyak understands what it means to dedicate oneself to students.

“I served as a math teacher, soccer coach, tennis coach, dean and assistant principal at Lincoln-Way before becoming superintendent at IVC. I think all of those different things I’ve done have helped prepare me in what’s going on in all those levels. I’ve been able to make a bigger impact on students as I’ve moved higher up in the administration,” he said.

Dr. Polyak plans to look and listen to learn exactly of what is going on in all the specific levels here at Leyden during his first year in the district.

Looking and learning for the first year is a pretty reachable goal considering everything that is always going on at Leyden from fine arts to sporting events.

“I have four children aged 4 to 9 and am looking forward to bringing them along with my wife to many of the school’s functions,” Dr. Polyak added.

1:1 is one of the unique aspects of the district, and Dr. Polyak is interested to see how it exists in the classroom setting.

“I’ve done a lot of things to further technology in the other school districts I’ve worked in, but Leyden is further ahead,” Dr. Polyak stated.

With his goal to look, listen and learn at Leyden for the first year, Dr. Polyak wants his role in at Leyden to encompass a greater sphere of influence than it has had in his previous jobs.

“I would like the kids to know who I am, so that when I walk through the hallways I can hear a ‘Hey, Mr. Polyak.’”