Honors Blog #3

Mireya Cano, Copy Editor

The book so far: The struggle for food for David continues. His unforgiving mother has been barely giving him enough food to survive. His daydreams of food have become even stronger than before, and he is trying everything in his power to get his mother to feed him dinner scraps at the very least. When his efforts at performing his chores well enough fail, he resorts to other tactics in the search for food. He already was caught stealing food from different classrooms, so he decided to go straight to the cafeteria to steal frozen hot dogs. Soon enough, he was transferred to another school across the street. Luckily, this means a new start, and new teachers and students that don’t know him as the food thief. After getting away with stealing a few more days, his mother caught on once again, and made sure he wouldn’t be able to steal by making him run to school. After being defeated, David devises a new plan that includes leaving school grounds and stealing from stores. When the manager finally takes notice and calls his mother, he figures just asking people at random houses isn’t such a bad idea. It worked for a while, and then he bumped into one of his mother’s friends that ended up calling her later that day, saying David was going to random houses, asking for food.


two articles that relate:

These two articles are about different parents that had starved their children to death. It relates to the book because the mother of David refused to give him food, except just enough to allow him to live to endure her demented punishments. In these articles, the parents of the children had denied their children of food to the point where the starvation and the beating were too much, and so the children’s bodies couldn’t take it anymore. Luckily for David, he was a fighter and did anything he could to stall, to work around his mother’s sick tricks.