Good News: Volume 1

Piotr Morawiec, News Editor

We all know that when we turn on the news, someone died, something tragic happened, and they illustrate that the world is horrible. Yet the world is not all bad, the good things are overshadowed. So in this section, we will try to highlight the good in the world, covering good news from all over the world.  

Hostages turn into Heroes

Last month, Ayoub El-Khazzani boarded a train with an assault rifle and a slew of guns, soon taking everyone on board hostage. When Mark Moogalian heard gunshots, he immediately tried taking down the gunman. He was shot in the neck and was left in critical condition. Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone, and Alek Skarlatos then went after the attacker, tackling him unconscious, saving the lives of everyone on board. All four heroes received France’s Highest decoration, la Légion d’honneur.

This story shows us the horror that could have happened. It shows us what could have been a massacre, yet it turned out to be good. Humanity got through, and bravery ultimately saved the day. We need more people like this. The news should not be scary, it should be empowering.

FDA Targets “Natural” and “Non Addictive” Cigarette Claims

Cigarette companies have come under fire as the FDA announced a plan to take down the misleading labels of “natural” and additive-free cigarettes. Cigarettes have had a drop in sales year after year. In an effort to make cigarettes more appealing, companies slap on these unchecked labels. As a result, the FDA has sent out letters to the major companies to either take down the labels or be subject to scientific testing whether these claims are true.

The US government is largely perceived as shady. But when we hear that they are trying to help the people, and not the companies, a little faith rears its head. That’s why it deserves to be in this section because it restores the government’s credibility.

Helping a Neighbour Out

15 strangers, who have been recruited through Facebook, have showed up in an elderly manś home to help him repair his roof. David Perez noticed that his neighbour, Richard Dubiel, was trying to fix his roof. Richard Dubiel is 75 years old, and was still getting onto the roof to finish the job. Perez decided that he needed help, so he posted a photo of Dubiel working on the roof to Facebook. This post was spread around, and 15 volunteers showed up to help. People brought refreshments, and all of them were done in four and a half hours.

I believe that this story deserves to be in this section because it shows us that through the power of organization and goodwill, we can accomplish things that would have taken a long time to do. It shows us that not all of the people are out there to kill you, but there are people out there to help and to support you. They might even be complete strangers.