Gymnasts Encouraged by First Meet


Jasmin Gonzalez, Sports Co-editor

The girls varsity gymnastic team had its first meet against Oak Park-River Forest on December 2, 2015 at home. The team had been preparing for this event since fall and seemed fairly prepared even though they eventually did not win.

Senior Abigail Grande, who scored 8.75 for vault, 6.55 on beam, and 7.5 on the floor, provided an overview of the performance. “So our first meet tonight was good overall as a team and individually. We all competed very well in our own specific aspects. I think everybody had their confidence levels up tonight. For it being our first meet we enjoyed it very much. Even though we didn’t win overall as a team, we still had fun doing it. Everyone went out there tonight and gave their best effort in what they can perform. We set a good tone for the beginning of the season.”

Senior Carlean Vazquez shared her expectations for this season based on the first meet. “Us varsity girls train six days a week for 3 hours. We work out a lot to stay in shape and to perform harder tricks. We all have different goals to accomplish in gymnastics, yet we don’t care about winning every meet. We only care about doing our best and showing Leyden pride. We are mostly focusing on making a routine for every event. We all try our best to make our coaches happy and proud of how what we’re doing. If we fall, we get back up and keep doing our best! We’re always positive to everyone, even the newcomers, we’re not just a team we are a family.”

Although the team did take a loss at home, they enthusiastic athletes ready for the coming gymnastics season. They all seem to care a lot and support a lot one another. The team definitely is looking forward to have a remarkable season it being their last one, and plan to achieve their goals as a team as well as their personal ones.