Family and Fantasy


To many, fantasy football is nothing more than a silly game, but for barbers David Giron and Gio Ramirez, it’s a lifeline to their families and a tradition that helps them maintain weekly communication with distant family members.

Fantasy football is an extremely popular thing to do amongst family, friends, or even football fans across the world. Various fantasy football apps reported that there were over 60 million registered users this year in the U.S. alone, meaning this sports tradition shows no signs of slowing down. On average, most leagues host up to 8 people as they hold a draft before the start of the NFL season looking to select players that they believe will have the most impact on their teams. While many use fantasy football as a chance to assert thier dominance, Giron and Ramirez see the aspect of family and maintaining contact with those who aren’t always able to keep in touch throughout the long and busy year.

“For me, it’s always been about the sense of togetherness and all the stories of bragging rights you get to tell,” said Giron, who has a league with his son, cousins, uncle, and father. When asked who had the best team, he couldn’t help but smile. “Man, who you think?” he joked. “But in all seriousness probably myself. I have Lamar Jackson, Ezekiel Elliot, and Julio Jones, so I would say my team is pretty legit.”

Giron has always been big on family and setting the right example for his kids while also making sure to have a good time. “I try to tell them whether it’s at the shop or at home or at wherever, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about who you’re with because then any time can be a fun time.” His favorite part about fantasy football is that it’s a way to keep in touch with his cousins, who live in Georgia and aren’t always able to come down and celebrate for the holidays or talk on the phone during hectic weeks. “Hands down. Winning and all is fun, but getting to talk to those guys and see how they’re doing takes the cake for me.” 

Ramirez’s league consists of his dad, brother, mom, son, and wife, and while the connection with his family is closer to home, he also loves the bond it forms between some of the people he loves the most. “Literally this past Thanksgiving we were all at the table, talking smack about who’s gonna win. My team isn’t really the best, but it’ll get better I know it,” he said. While he argues that his fantasy skills are nowhere near his abilities cutting hair, he still tries his best to be a good sport and enjoy the time he has with his family. “It’s one of our traditions. I just really wished I didn’t draft Joe Mixon.”