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There is plenty of benefits to dieting and exercising. You will look better, feel better and overall be a healthier person. I tried dieting but it was really difficult for me. Eating junk food everyday to just abruptly stopping and going to the gym twice a day took a tole on me. Over the next few weeks I am going to be talking about dieting, the risks of extreme dieting, food plans, apps you can download etc.

I have created such an interest in this topic and all the things you can try, and see what works for you, with your schedule, and what’s best for your body.

First Topic:Coming from a girl that wears makeup and that wants to workout at least twice a day, the debate is wearing makeup while exercising okay for you? I know that I wear it and the regret it after words due to my acne breakout. Yet, I know plenty of people that wear it during their workout as long as they go into a skin care routine right after or, later in that day. Working out for at least 30 min a day at school, I don’t always wear makeup everyday to school, because I would like to wash my face after words. I have watched a few youtube videos on how it is alright to workout with makeup.