Honors Blog #1

Exploring Aphorisms

Life is full of mysteries, especially questions without answers. There are so many topics and areas that have gray matter, meaning they don’t have a complete right or wrong answer. These aphorisms rely on your opinion only – anything from religion, environment, family, own beliefs.

I’ve been looking into the question: “Does everything happen for a reason?”

There are two different opinions: yes and no.

On one hand, people say it doesn’t happen for a reason. They claim it’s bad philosophy and bad thinking. Mr. Nicholas Clairmont, writer for the Big Think, argues we as a society should not base the bad things that happen on how the world and God works. All the bad disasters in this world shouldn’t be happening if “everything did happen for a reason”.

However, a lot of people believe in this idea, including myself. People, like Dr. Nikki Martinez, writer for the HuffPost, suggest events happen for society to be taught lessons. Even though we may not be taught the lesson right away, it will “reveal itself soon enough”. I have had many instances that have turned my life around due to a critical hardship that I experienced.


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