Skills USA

Students in Skills USA will be competing in a nationwide tournament in Springfield in April. Students come from all over Illinois to compete in different categories.

Skills USA is a club to help the students prepare for the tournament. They can chose to compete in categories ranging from woods to metals and even art.

Omar Nevarez, who has been in the club for 2 years, reflected on last year’s competition.

“I did the engineering competition. In groups we had to come up with a new innovation to a already existing product. Then we had to present the product to judges.

But, he added that “there are many other competitions that are available” for students to compete in as part of the club.

This competition is one of the highlights for members of the club. Students must pass an exam in their category in order to participate in the competition.

“My experience was fun as my group was full of friends, so when we worked it did not feel like something we had to do,” Nevarez said. “And also it can help you meet new people.” 

First time member and sophomore Wayllon Lu mentioned the benefits of joining the club.

‘’Skills USA offers students an opportunity for students to test their knowledge in whatever field they choose.”

Lu added that the club also helps you socially. ‘’They get experience in competitive events and socially, the club helps you make friends.’’

Adviser Joe Shilts noted how the club meets “every 2 to 3 weeks, or I will send out an email to all of the students.’’

For more information contact Mr. Shilts.