Video Game Previews

Darksiders 2: is a sequel to Darksiders: the Wrath of War, where War is blamed for starting the apocalypse. In this game you are Death. Nothing like War, Death is quick, agile, and in some ways maniacal while War was calm and your basic powerhouse frame. The story takes place right around the time of the first, one but this time your objective is to prove your brother’s innocence. I’ll be expecting this game and so should you. It comes out August 21.

Resident Evil 6: is the new edition to one of the best zombie/survival genres in history promises to bring a whole new twist to the series’ gameplay. In earlier Resident Evil titles, you would have to stand still to aim, basically taking away crucial time you need to aim at enemies, boss weak spots, etc. But now there’s new “run n gun” where you no longer have to stand still. The storyline will unite two of the series’ best characters: Leon S. Kennedy from numbers three and four and Chris Redfield from numbers one and five. While bringing in the lost son of Albert Wesker along with new B.O.W.’s and action packed horror fun, this is definitely a game that’s going to fly off the shelves. Experts estimate seven million copies will be sold in the first week!

God Of War: Ascension: is a prequel to the original trilogy of the game before Kratos was “the ghost of Sparta.” There’s not much known about this highly-anticipated game except that it’s “the most ambitious God of War adventure in the series so far” according to Game Informer. It comes out some time in 2013.

Black Ops 2: is set in June 2025 with Sgt. Frank Woods from the original Black Ops returning from the grave! The military has become almost exclusively machines and unmanned drones. But when the enemy steals the “keys,” the U.S. finds itself under attack by the machines that were there to protect it. Most of the game takes place in city-like environments but there are still deserts and even horses! No sign of zombies yet, but they have promised to incorporate them and their might even be a zombie campaign! It hits the shelves November 13, 2012.